Pre-order Update - 6th February.

Pre-order Update - 6th February.

Hey everyone! 

I'm just writing a quick blog post to update everyone on the situation with the pre-orders. The pre-orders are scheduled to arrive to us sometime in late February, this is much later than we were expecting to ship out the orders. The Chinese New Year provided major delays during the production period of the pins as it's a national holiday, on top of this there is the outbreak with the Corona Virus. The Corona Virus is something that is impacting businesses worldwide, holidays for some workers in the country have been (rightly so) extended to help slow down the virus spreading. Flights have also been delayed which has caused the biggest delay for our pins getting here, we have been in very frequent contact with our manufacturers and we are very happy to announce that the enamel pins will be arriving to us very soon and are expected to ship out to all customers towards the end of this month. 

I have had a handful of customers being concerned of coming into contact with the virus from the surface of the product. There is a 0% chance of catching anything from any our products that are manufactured in China, any form of bacteria dies during the shipping period. All pins are cleaned and cleansed before shipment and are always handled with the greatest care. Our manufacturer has excellent communication with us and has reported to me that all workers are in great health - the factory is also fairly far away from any areas with a major outbreak. 

I'm super excited for everyone to get their pins! As an apology for the delay, I wanting to give something really special. This Friday I will be giving away 2 Limited Edition Animal Crossing Switches on my Instagram, on top of this I will also be having a 15% off sale store-wide and 20% of the total from orders will be given to charity, the charity will be revealed this Friday. There will also be new products! (Evil Spinel Pin, Spider-Gwen Phone and Animal Crossing Pins) 

On top of that, everyone who has pre-ordered something will also be given a discount code. You can find the code attached to an email containing this blog post. Additionally, if you have pre-ordered something which has yet to be shipped, and order something new, then give me a message or email and I will refund your shipping for the second purchase. This is also applicable if you pre-order one of the new items, you will not have to pay shipping again if you pre-order one of the new products. The new pre-orders (coming 7th Feb) will ship out after the current pre-orders from Black Friday, but I will refund shipping for you if you've pre-ordered something previously and order something again from the upcoming releases. 

Thank you so much for your patience with the pre-orders, I will make great efforts to make sure delays like this will not be happening again. 

Lots of love, 

Illustrator Jake 

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