Pre-order Update - 25th February.

Pre-order Update - 25th February.

Hey everyone! 

I'm just writing another blog post to update you on the production of the enamel pins. This will be important information to read if you have pre-ordered an item that has yet to be shipped. 

The enamel pins are finishing up production and should be on their way to me soon! In total there are 3400 enamel pins which will be shipping to me, which is my biggest order to date. I'm so excited to start shipping out the pins to everyone, and I'm even more excited for everyone to receive them. Unfortunately I can not provide an exact date to anything as communication from my primary manufacturer has been fairly slow, but going from their most recent update everything is going well and the pins are due to ship out to me soon. I will be sending out an email again to everyone as soon as the pins have been shipped out to me, and you will also receive a shipping notification as soon as your order has been shipped. I'll be dedicating all my time to packing everyone's orders so they are shipped out quickly as I don't want anyone waiting any longer. 

If you haven't read the previous blog posts about the issues that affected production, I will paste the main points below: 

The affects of the Coronavirus has impacted businesses worldwide, including ours. With many workers in China having still yet to return to work, delays for production and shipping are expected. Unfortunately one of our manufacturers will not be returning to work until the 10th March, thankfully we don't have anything in production with them, but it does mean we can't release as many new products as we wanted over the next coming months. Edit: The manufacturer that was expected to return to work on the 10th March has started work again on the 21st February. 

In regards to our main manufacturer, there have been inevitable delays due to the the impact of the virus. From our previous update from our manufacturer, there may still be delays, so it may be the case the date mentioned in our previous blog post may not be met. We are still expecting the pins to arrive to us towards the end of this month, but this all depends on how the virus continues to impact China over the next few weeks. 

Important Information From A Previous Blog Post:

I have had a handful of customers being concerned of coming into contact with the virus from the surface of the product. There is a 0% chance of catching anything from any our products that are manufactured in China, any form of bacteria dies during the shipping period. All pins are cleaned and cleansed before shipment and are always handled with the greatest care. Our manufacturer has excellent communication with us and has reported to me that all workers are in great health - the factory is also fairly far away from any areas with a major outbreak. 

New Pre-Orders:

I'm happy to announce that all the new pre-orders have been funded! The Tom Nook Switch, Evil Spinel, Spider-Gwen and Link Phone will be put into production very soon! These specific pins will be shipping out anywhere between April - May as stated in the product descriptions. 

A Big Thank You From Myself:  

If you've pre-ordered something from my store, I cannot thank you enough for your patience. I am truly grateful for all of your support. I can only apologise for the delays, and I know that not having the pins yet must be frustrating and I am truly sorry about that. I am trying my absolute best and pushing to get the pins as fast as possible. We didn't anticipate the delays we are currently experiencing but I must thank you all ever so much for your patience. Thank you so much for being so understanding, patient and incredibly supportive throughout these delays. You are all the best. 

I want to give everyone a big discount code for being so kind and supportive throughout these past few weeks, so I'm going to be giving everyone 40% off your next entire order of enamel pins. 



That's all for now everyone, Thank you ever so much for your patience and support. I will continue to send updates as soon as I get more news. 


Lots of love, 


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