Pre-Order Updates

Hey everyone! Here at IllustratorJake we have a strict pre-order process and deadlines that we keep ourselves and our manufacturers to, and we like to be fully transparent on the process and keep everyone up to date with the funding process and the production of the enamel pins.
If you’re new here and looking into pre-ordering some of our pins,
then here is the process and usual time-line:

All of our pre-orders have a two week funding period from when the listing first goes live on our store. Once this funding period is over, we will examine if we have raised enough funds. If we haven’t raised the necessary funds to cover
the cost of production, we will refund your pre-order, so all pre-orders are completely risk free. If we manage to raise enough funds, we will then put the enamel pin into production. Production can take anywhere between 3-5 weeks, from there the pin will ship to us from our lovely manufacturer. Shipping takes about 5 days, and then once they have arrived we ship out all the pre-orders. You will receive a shipping notification as soon as your pre-order has been shipped.

You can keep up to date with each specific pre-order by looking at the information below each individual product listing for them, we post frequent updates here to let you know if the pre-order has successfully raised enough funds, and when the pins have gone into production.
If you have any questions about pre-orders, feel free to email us at
If you are wanting to know if you're pre-order is in production, please go to the product description of that pre-order to see the latest updates. You can also find the estimated delivery times of the pins that are in production below!
Please note that if you order pins that are currently available with a pre-order, then your order won't ship until the pre-order is ready.
Thank you so much everyone! We hope this helps with updates on the pre-orders and understanding our pre-order process!
Update - 29/01/2020
Enamel pins are currently finishing up production, due to recent and some upcoming holidays with our manufacturer, there will be some small delays with the remainder of the production. To acknowledge this, we have pushed back the due date for our pins to arrive to us to Early February. Thank you so much for your patience! You'll receive a shipping notification via email as soon as your order has shipped!
Pre-orders in production: 
All Magical Girl Gaming Pins (expected early Feb)
Kirby X Sailor Moon (expected early Feb)
Kirby X Pika (expected early Feb)
Kirby X Ghibli (expected early Feb)
Kirby X Sakura (expected early Feb)
Perfect Panda (expected early Feb)
Red Panda  (expected early Feb)
All Spider-verse (expected early Feb)
All Piplup and Snorlax (expected early Feb)
All Eeveelutions Chibi (expected early Feb) 
Spinel Phone (expected early Feb) 
Junko Phone (expected early Feb)
Winter Haku (expected early Feb)
Witchy Appa (expected early Feb)
Pre-orders being considered for production:
New Kirby Mash Up Pin (TBA) 
Original Poke Pins (TBA)